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Light is one of the most important factors for growing houseplants. All plants require light for photosynthesis, the process within a plant that converts light, oxygen and water into carbohydrates energy. Plants require this energy in order to grow, bloom and produce seed. Without adequate light, carbohydrates cannot be manufactured, the energy reserves are depleted and plants die. Before getting a plant or starting seeds, determine the quality and hours of natural light in your space. Then choose plants with light requirements that match your indoor environment.

  • 30 Best Indoor Trees and Tropical House Plants
  • Indoor Plants
  • 40 Best Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Sunlight
  • Houseplants
  • 20 Low Light Indoor Trees To Liven Up Your Living Space
  • The best indoor trees to get more green into your home
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30 Best Indoor Trees and Tropical House Plants

Rubber plant Ficus elastic While they are extremely hardy, rubber plants need lots of space in a well-lit spot away from direct sun. Rubber plants can grow incredibly tall if allowed. Monstera deliciosa Don't be fooled by the little guy in the corner of this spectacular new-build , Monstera deliciosa like to climb and can reach great heights.

They prefer indirect light, warmth and moisture. Consider cleaning its leaves with a cloth each week to keep pests at bay. Fiddle leaf fig Ficus lyrata A fiddle leaf fig will happily live indoors, so long as it has good light and regular water top-ups but don't overdo it.

Needs bright light; no drafts. Consider repotting every year until it reaches desired height. Banana palm With their large green leaves, banana plants will add a touch of the tropics to your decor. Because they grow quite tall, choose a dwarf variety for indoors unless you having soaring ceilings like this.

Olive tree Indoor olive trees are as happy in Australia as they are on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Although this ancient species is typically an outdoor plant, they are becoming a popular choice for indoor gardeners, especially in well-lit homes.

With its delicate, soft green leaves and thin grey branches, an olive tree will make an elegant statement. In this bedroom, the textured concrete surfaces and simple, natural decor give it a Mediterranean feel.

Chinese fan palm Dramatic and bold, Chinese fan palms are perfect for bright and well-lit spaces, like the corner of Carmen Hamilton's chic office. Plus, they're incredibly low-maintenance - just water when the top of the soil feels dry. Cornstalk dracaena Dracaena fragrans Positioned here at the end of the hallway, Dracaena needs a light misting on its leaves and soil and filtered light. Consider a sheer curtain to protect it from direct sunlight. Potted palm Large potted palms can create a dramatic, resort-style vibe in this Milan apartment.

Dwarf date palm Contrast a modern interior with a statement palm — pictured here in his rustic farmhouse is a dwarf date palm right. They thrive in warm, humid environments with natural light, and also love hanging out in bathrooms.

Weeping fig Ficus benjamina Weeping figs add a nice softness to a space with their thin branches and delicate leaves. They can be quite high maintenance a need a consistent watering regime. Australian House and Garden. House plants have been an essential part of our lives for some time now, but if you're looking to take your greenery obsession to the next level, go large.

An indoor tree will transform a room, bringing a structural element to living spaces, and colour and life to traditionally sparse areas like bathrooms and laundries.

Then there are the practical benefits — indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality , create feelings of relaxation and positivity, and reduce noise levels handy for apartment dwellers. Of course, not all trees will be happy indoors, and the ones that are might have a few extra requirements that their outside counterparts don't. Mature trees can also be costly, so you may want to start with a younger tree and let it grow and adapt to your home's conditions.

Read on for tips on selecting and caring for your indoor tree…. Photographer: Maree Homer Story: Belle. The best velvet sofas to add texture in your living room Homes To Love Yesterday am. How to create a home that lifts your spirits Home Beautiful Dec 19,Everything you need to know about removable wallpaper Homes To Love Dec 17,All of the best homewares and furniture sales happening right now Homes To Love Dec 16,An interior stylist's dreamy laundry featuring flat-pack cabinetry Homes To Love Dec 15,How to purchase art as an investment Belle Dec 03,

Indoor Plants

Make a beautiful statement in any brightly lit room. Discover which indoor trees are easy to please and choose the best one for your home from this list. Ficus plants grow tall, filling vertical space and drawing the eye up. One of these enchanting trees is all you need to make a large room feel more inviting. Large, leathery leaves make the Rubber Plant shown at left a popular house plant. Put it in a brightly lit spot and you'll have wonderful success growing this bold accent tree. Even more magnificent in my opinion is the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

We supply the highest quality indoor house and office plants. Premium indoor plants delivered to your door. Established for over 30 years.

40 Best Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Sunlight

Amidst the houseplant craze of the past several years, many indoor gardeners have graduated from struggling to keep a single pothos alive to mastering multiple plants at one time. As we houseplant parents slowly build up our collections, there is one feature almost everyone cannot miss out on in their homes — indoor trees. Towering over furniture and in tall corners like no other decor can, indoor trees are the ultimate houseplant statement piece. As established plants with deep root systems and several years under their belts, they are also relatively easy to care for — even when it comes to light requirements. There are several potted trees that grow well indoors, and a few of those can even handle lower light conditions. If you have a room with only a small window or have used up all the space next to your bright window for your fussier plants, these six trees are ideal. There are also several indoor trees that, no matter how popular they are or how lovely they look, should not be grown in low light under any circumstances. They may even appear on some low-light houseplant lists, despite the adverse effects they face under those conditions. If you want these six trees to be happy and healthy indoors, give them as much light as possible. Featuring high on many popular indoor plant lists is the Rubber plant — Ficus elastica.


If you have a big space or corner to fill in your home, consider putting one of the best indoor trees in it. The Madagascar Dragon Tree is a great low light house tree, and not just because its name is awesome. You can basically neglect this plant and it will still thrive. It can grow in a dark room and only needs to be watered now and then.

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20 Low Light Indoor Trees To Liven Up Your Living Space

Indoor trees have the same effect in a room that a large piece of furniture has. Similar to a large painting in your living room, a houseplant tree can bring a room together and give scale to an otherwise open area. You can even grow citrus trees indoors, and they will produce fruit that you can enjoy! Most indoor trees require full sun light conditions and are fairly easy to grow. Care-taking tips for houseplant trees when it comes to light and water is to not allow your plant's roots to sit in standing water or else they will get root rot.

The best indoor trees to get more green into your home

Plants for your Business Easy care plants ready potted for any space. Who do we supply? From plant installations to a single tree, we work with you to transform your business. The biggest and the best indoor plants! Each large house plant is individually photographed. The plant in the photograph is the plant you will receive. We do not know of any other online retailers in the UK that can provide specimens of this scale and quality.

No matter if your living space is small, dark, damp, or dry, there's a plant for you. Read on for the 35 best indoor plants that will thrive.

Member of a well known houseplant family, the Ficus Ginseng is unique with a blunt tip to its green leaves, making it a little bit special. This plant could be a model - look at the elegant curves and twists creating modern art for your home. Care tips: Again, this little tree likes indirect light and it's important to give it regular watering. To keep the ficus looking its best be sure to prune it to keep its bonsai shape.

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Plant Care. We carry a wide selection of popular indoor plants including snake plants, Chinese money plants, hanging plants, air-purifying plants, and more. With a little bit of care, the Christmas Star continue to bloom from December into May. When the temperatures dip into the 40s bring the plant indoors, taking care to inspect for bugs.

The Stem is your one-stop shop for all things green and growing.

Photo By: Courtesy Costa Farms. Photo By: Costa Farms. Add a beautiful accent to your home with an easy-care indoor tree. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Lynn Coulter.

A stunning accent to greenery and unexpected touch of grandeur that puts your superior taste on prominent display. We identified it from trustworthy source. Previous page. With its height of 5-feet, this tree can be used to accentuate the furniture pieces in your living room.


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