Hawaiian avocado tree with fruit

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Hawaiian avocado tree with fruit so delicious you’ll use it for breakfast!

Delicious, crispy, sweet, soft-ripened avocado. Yummy. That is what everyone says about this Hawai’i avocado.

But then we gave these gorgeous “cuties” a try and, well, wow. If you love avocado, you will LOVE these little gems. Just remember, that the “little” half- avocado is not tiny! You will need to cut each half in half to make it easier to stuff it with a fork and knife, and yes, it is messy. Once cut, the skin and meat don’t seem to matter so much, however, and the skin is edible. But, be careful with the inner (sanitary) half, as it has avocado juice oozing out. Don’t worry, no one will be able to see that. These avocados are very sturdily packaged.

What makes them so unique is the pit inside which is a sweet, mildly musky, incredibly delicious flavor. Although you will not be able to taste the pit once inside the avocado (or you will get an additional taste of the pit in the flesh), this is not the reason you would want to eat these. There is enough flavor in this avocado and, with the right presentation, they make a tasty snack that will keep you satisfied until lunch. Or, if you can’t wait for lunch, you can just eat it straight up. It will not go bad.

The avocados used in our test were packaged in the frozen section of a local grocery store. They are shipped frozen in air-conditioned trucks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an air-conditioned truck as this was Hawai’i. Their truck was full of plants and vegetables, so they got very little of the f/f refrigeration. However, they were packaged in a plastic bag with a plastic container that was air tight.

I guess you are wondering, will the avocado ripen after being frozen? Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know. However, there is an excellent chance that it will ripen.

Unripe avocados are easy to find in stores, since they look a bit like unripe bananas and they will ripen in your own kitchen. To freeze them, make sure that the avocados are first skinned and cut into pieces and then place them in a freezer container, leaving at least one inch of space between the pieces of avocado. Keep frozen for 3-6 months. Before using them, allow them to thaw at room temperature for about 20-30 minutes, then they should be ready to go. Keep in mind that the avocados will continue to ripen after being thawed, so you may want to keep a close eye on them.

I hope that you will take the time to try these avocados. I think they are a special product, and I also believe they should be packaged with a little more care.


PS: I noticed a few comments that the avocados were very sturdily packaged. I thought they were, however, these avocados have been packaged in our Florida kitchen with NO special treatment. With this product, you’ll be fine. If you have any more comments, please post them in the comments section. Thank you.

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This time, I was not disappointed. I tried this frosting on their chocolate cake, and I tried it on their Banana cake. I also made this delicious filling for their Honey Blueberry Filling that was used on their Honey Ice Cream cake.

I am always amazed at the plethora of possibilities of food – from their amazing oven mixes, to their savory sauces, to their hot chocolate and mocha sauces.

Yes, the coffee items were a hot topic for debate! However, I knew that chocolate, fruit and cheese would make an excellent trio. I tested this recipe on my friend, Tamra, and she suggested that the sour cream might not be quite tart enough. So I tweaked it and made this and the next couple of items that I wrote about.

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Yvette’s husband recommended the Blueberry to Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake, and although the basic cake itself was delicious, he thought the icing wasn’t as tart enough as it could be. I made it a bit more tart for him, but thought the icing was perfect.

This combination is actually fairly easy to find at a local grocery store. However, it is an expensive food, and Yvette’s menu is all about a freshness that is worth the price. So, be aware of that cost.

And, if you are having trouble finding this, and you live in the Boise/ Meridian area, you might want to give Yvette a call. They have been named “

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