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Our innovative green walls are recommended as the perfect solution to breathe life into bare office walls and truly create that WOW factor. Best of all, our guaranteed maintenance program and regularly scheduled visits ensure that your plants will remain robust and flourishing for years to come. In our 75 years of business, we have created and furnished thousands of plantscapes within both the corporate and commercial sector, and our clients have become like family to us. Join the Frenchams family today! Creating green spaces for three generations Find Out More.

  • Quality Plants at Affordable Prices
  • Australia's Indoor Plant Hire and Office Plant Rental Specialists
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  • There’s A Big Ol’ Indoor Plant Sale On This Weekend

Quality Plants at Affordable Prices

Stackwood is a creative venue and concept store housed in a former diesel workshop in Fremantle. Curated workshops are held in our beautiful, light-filled hall, and range from gardening knowhow to pottery, wood carving to cooking. Enjoy learning new — or indeed old — skills, and leave with a lovely object of your own making. It may only be early June but the winter weather is definitely settling in. As with all seasonal changes, there's some small but important things you can do to make sure your houseplants thrive through these cold months.

We're re-sharing plant expert Claire Greenhill 's top five tips for houseplant happiness through winter. Makers and creative businesses are an essential part of the Stackwood community, no more so than our studios. Each of our spaces is filled with artists and makers that we love, creating with their hands, hearts, minds and communities on the daily. Stackwood is situated on land belonging to the Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation.

We pay our respects to all first nations people, their cultures, and their continuing connection to land, waters, community and the arts. All images by Rae Fallon unless otherwise stated. Facebook Instagram. Account Search Cart. Shop all. Learn a new skill in our. Browse workshops. View Workshops. New to Store View all. Peperomia Mendoza - Small. Ultimate Campsites: Australia by Penny Watson. Welcome to Country by Marcia Langton. Rewild by Doron and Stephanie Francis. Recent Plant Tips.

Spring is the time when most indoor plants come out of dormancy and begin their active growing season. Here we share some top tips for how to care for your houseplants as the warmer weather approaches. Autumn in Perth is an in-between time for indoor plant growers, here are a few tips to get you through with a thriving indoor garden.

Our Studios. Our Journal. When we look back it's not really the gifts we remember most fondly; it's the Christmas traditions and sentimental moments that leave the biggest mark.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of our top 5 gifts to create lasting memories this Christmas. It's workshop season! We've been teasing you for a while about our summer release, and we're very excited to let you know it's now live! A donation of any amount will automatically enter you in the draw to win our planty prize pack!

Acknowledgement Stackwood is situated on land belonging to the Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation. Image Credits All images by Rae Fallon unless otherwise stated. Sign up.


Our curated selection of plants, herbs and pots, a collection is designed to extend your gardening experience to the outdoors. We are here to help you transform your balcony or courtyard with our new range of curated Collections. Let us help you embrace your plant love. With studios and stores in Melbourne and Sydney, we promote positive and open conversations around gardening. Through our outposts we hope to inspire you to nurture greenery in your home and help motivate a greener city. Our Sydney locations will be closed for the week until restrictions are lifted.

Horticultural all-rounder that can work between our production nursery and maintain indoor plants in and around Melbourne.


Thanks to Plantsmith for getting my order delivered on time. My friend loved the plant and I would definitely recommend them for the quality of their plants and service! The price was really good, no complaints at all. Thank you so much Plantsmith. Really happy with my plants so far and the service has been fantastic. Thank you! A very healthy and pretty little plant with beautifully patterned leaves and a beautiful little pot and saucer with lovely patterning.

Australia's Indoor Plant Hire and Office Plant Rental Specialists

Type: Business. All communication is now over to you and the advertiser. Why not make another enquiry to compare it with a similar business? Thanks for confirming. You'll be one of the first to know when a new business matches your preferences.

Stuck on what to choose, still need help? Australia's favourite native box that attract and support local wildlife!

Artificial Flowers & Plants

Search Products:. Plants for hire melbourne. We have a extensive range of quality office plants to suit any indoor situation. We have a fleet of 3 trucks and a van, and run deliveries around Victoria daily Monday to Friday, with multiple trucks in and Luwasa specialises in indoor plant hire Melbourne. Your job seeking activity is only visible to you. All products are easy to install in minutes and you can contact us anytime for free support.

There’s A Big Ol’ Indoor Plant Sale On This Weekend

Bring life back into your home with our huge range of customisable indoor and outdoor artificial plant and flower features. Our artificial greenery services are suitable for a huge variety of application areas such as gardens, bathrooms, entertainment living, display areas and privacy screens. The home installation possibilities are endless. Just let us know what you are looking for, or ask our experts for advice on what we think would look best. With so many happy clients, we are sure you will be too. Enhance your venue with wall-mounted frames and lush, exotic designer plants. Or perhaps incorporate eye-catching custom signage with the artificial plants of your choice. Otherwise, maybe a few of our super realistic handmade trees, evergreen planters, or pot plants will do the trick.

19 Best Indoor Plant Delivery Shops in Melbourne for Gorgeous Plant Gifts.

Dans Plants utilises the latest technology to supply a diverse range of quality plants at an affordable price. We remain an integral supplier to the Australian market, providing you with lush greenery to fill your home. New Hydroponic Range Plants in water, rather than soil.

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Create a calming sanctuary at home by adding a burst of greenery to your interior space. Indoor plants have been known to improve air quality, boost your mood and reduce stress. Explore our range of indoor plants from small desktop sizes through to large indoor feature trees. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and inspirational plant displays.

Make Concrete Playground yours with My Playground.

Discover our stunning range online at Spotlight. At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of artificial plants for their home. A common question we receive is what the benefits of artificial plants compared to natural plants are. Below, we have provided our customers with an overview of the benefits, so be sure to read through them if you are considering getting some artificial plants to liven up your home. One of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is the fact they are not subject to seasonal changes. Natural plants can be affected from a change from summer to fall, but artificial plants always remain their cheerful and good-looking self.

Get some lush greenery and foliage delivered to your door by these Melbourne nurseries that deliver. At a time when every Melbournian worth their while has a home brimming with tumbling vines and artfully arranged cacti, to say that plants are having a moment would be an understatement. And the widespread desire for fashionable greenery shows no sign of slowing.


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